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The Cumberland Soaring Group offers:

  • Introductory Sailplane Flights
  • Flight Instruction & FAA flight examinations
  • Five Club-owned gliders and a tow plane
  • Monthly meeting/cookout – last Saturday of the month at 6 PM
  • Contact us for more information

The Cumberland Soaring Group (CSG, INC.) is a non-profit organization which exists for the purpose of promoting the sport of soaring by providing an organization and facilities for introduction to, training in, and the safe flying of sailplanes for fun, and with a minimum of restrictions, regulations, and cost.

Membership in this organization is open to all those interested in participating in the sport of soaring, and willing to observe the rules and regulations established by the group.

Our operations are based at the Greater Cumberland Regional Airport (CBE) in Wiley Ford, WV. For additional information please contact us or look us up in the club directory at the Soaring Society of America.

See the history page for additional historical information about the club.